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Retail Display Tables, Bins, & Pedestals



Retail display tables, sometimes referred to as merchandising tables, have many functions. For most, the first thought is that it's just another surface to set something on top of. But to a merchandiser it goes well beyond that; it has the potential to become the focal point of the store. Something as simple as adding props, mannequins, or pedestals on a display table creates varying heights, which stimulate and engage the brain of shoppers. They are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. You will often see this style of merchandising in apparel, home goods and outdoor specialty stores as a means of establishing a story among related products.


KC Store Fixtures offers a wide selection of retail display tables for a myriad of uses.


Tiered Tables



When floor space is at a premium, think vertical. Tiered tables provide merchandisers the ability to organize items by size, color, category or any grouping they choose, to help shoppers see relationship from one product to the next. This type of display encourages impulse purchases.


Nesting Tables



Also known as retail sets, nesting tables are an imaginative way to display merchandise. Each table is slightly smaller than the previous allowing you to keep a portion of the table underneath it's larger counterpart, to creat a stair step effect. This cascade design provides the perfect canvas to display stacks of apparel, home decor, food and endless other product combinations.


Round Tables



Use a round table to help create visual interest in store layouts with rectangular and square fixtures. No need to limit these beauties to the world of retail though, they are an affordable solution for lobbies, churches, office meeting rooms or in a residence when a little extra space is needed.


Dump Tables



Use dump tables for promotional, impulse or sale purchases. Economical and easy to store when not in use, they are an essential tool to keep in your fixture wheelhouse. The 3-inch high sides are low enough to encourage browsing while helping contain merchandise.





Although not officially considered a table, pedestals DO have a flat surface perfectly suited for stacking and displaying countless products. Available in six different sizes they can be grouped together or used individually atop display tables as the focus of attention.