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KC Studio Division

Display Racks



Display racks can help make or break the success of your merchandise. Customers need a clear understanding of what the item is, what it looks like and colors it's available in. Without the proper display, they may pass on by without taking a closer look. Before searching for a rack to display your merchandise, ask yourself where the rack will be used. If it will be on a shelf or countertop, how much room do you have? Will a rack that rotates be a better solution than a stationary rack? A spinner rack requires a little more space to ensure merchandise will not interfere with nearby products as it rotates. If you need a rack to accommodate apparel, a freestanding floor unit is an ideal solution. From hats and shirts, to shoes and dresses, the right display encourages customers to stop and enjoy the garment.


Countertop display racks come in all shapes, sizes and colors. A lightweight option made of durable, molded plastic is a good choice when merchandising on a shelf where weight limits may be important. Metal and wire displays provide sturdy, reliable function and look good in most store settings.

Floor Racks

Merchandising apparel can be a challenge depending on the number of styles, colors and sizes you have to fit on the display rack. A 2-arm rack is great when you want to highlight a couple styles. If you want to show matching coordinates, a 4-arm rack offers plenty of room to display pants and shirts together. Round clothes racks work well in aisles that are close together, making it easier for customers to shop and move about. Double rail racks offer more vertical space and spinner racks provide plenty of room to display multiple styles, colors or sizes while keeping like items together.

Hat / Cap Racks

Choose a countertop or floor standing rack to display headwear. A floor standing millinery rack is ideal for sun hats, fedoras or other medium- to wide-brimmed styles. Merchandising baseball caps requires a different approach due to the quantity available for each cap style and our floor standing and countertop racks are designed with that in mind.

Brochure Literature Racks

Freestanding racks made of heavy-duty wire, are used to merchandise magazines, newspapers, literature and other print materials.